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Object Visibility – STARALT

Staralt is a program that shows the observability of objects in various ways: either you can plot altitude against time for a particular night (Staralt), or plot the path of your objects across the sky for a particular night (Startrack), or plot how altitude changes over a year (Starobs), or get a table with the best observing date for each object (Starmult). Please note that at the INT the lowest altitude limit depends on target's decilnation, see this plot of the INT pointing range (lowest altitude vs. declination). For further information, click on the "help" button at the bottom of the page.

Night or date when the night starts. Staralt,Startrack only.
or specify own site with this format:
East_Longitude(deg)   Latitude(deg)   [Altitude(m)]   [UTC time offset(h)]
Ex.: 289.2767 -30.2283 2725 -4
Coordinates Available formats: [name] hh mm ss ±dd mm ss ; [name] hh:mm:ss ±dd:mm:ss ; [name] ddd.ddd dd.ddd. [name] must be a single word with no dots. Every entry must be in the same format, do not use different formats with different entries.

or upload file containing the coordinates. You can use the same format as in the TCS catalog. Target names must be single words with no dots.
 Included on plot. Moon coordinates at ~02:00 UT. Staralt only.
 Min. elevation (or max. airmass X). Starobs, Starmult only.
 Output format
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