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Name λcentral (Å) FWHM (Å) System Band Throughput Size (mm) Thickness (mm) Owner Available Cosmetics
191WFCHARB42981065HarrisB66 txt png ps pdf1394INGYScratches in centre of filter 20140526: Dust specks
192WFCHARV5425975HarrisV88 txt png ps pdf1394INGYTiny specks of dust. Also two small air bubbles in coating.
193WFCHARR63801520HarrisR83 txt png ps pdf1394INGYDamage/smudge near centre. Looks like scratch marks
194WFCRGOI8063RGOI95 txt png ps pdf1394.1INGYSmudge in centre (about the size of a euro) where filter substrate has been damaged.
195WFCRGOZ8763RGOZ96 txt png ps pdf1394.1INGYLooks a little speckled with dust, and slight oily streakiness on the surface. Chip in a corner position. Fingerprints n the edge
196WFCO50085008100Narrow Band[OIII] 5008/10078 txt png ps pdf13910INGY 
197WFCH6568656895Narrow BandHalpha 6568/9589 txt png ps pdf13910.1INGYThe substrate coating is damaged around the very edge of the filter (~3-4mm). Dust specks on the filter Mark from cleaning spray
198WFCStrU3480330StromgrenU47 txt png ps pdf1398.7INGYThe coating on the side facing the detector is damaged around the very edge of the filter (max~3-4mm). This appears to be opaque rather than transmitting (observed by holding up to the sun). The sky side may be affected by a fog in the central area but no structures observed that would give rise to artefacts reported in flat field.
199WFCStrV4110150Stromgrenv67 txt png ps pdf1399INGY 
200WFCStrB4695210StromgrenB83 txt png ps pdf1398.9INGYCoating on re verse side badly scratched all over, nearly gone from ~2 cm patch off centre
201WFCStrY5505240Stromgreny77 txt png ps pdf1399INGY 
204WFCRGOU3581638RGOU61 txt png ps pdf1398.6INGYTopped up with CuSo4 solution (<1 ml). Air bubble <1mm diameter. From clear glass side, throughput appears non-uniform (mottling reported earlier). Marks from dried (water?) drops can be seen in the middle of the filter. Air bubble ~4mm in diameter, free-floating sediments (20140225). The air bubble has grown to ~1cm (20140607)
206WFCHe46864686100Narrow BandHeII 4686/10078 txt png ps pdf1394.8INGYMinor scratches in centre of one side of filter Filter seems to have a number of large dust specks on.
207WFCO37273727100Narrow BandOII 3727/10043 txt png ps pdf1396.9INGY 
208WFC9190919050Narrow BandHalpha 9190/5013910.1INGYMinor scratches (2) away from centre
209WFC8160816050Narrow BandHalpha 8160/5089 txt png ps pdf13910.1INGY 
210WFCKPB44071022Kitt PeakB84 txt png ps pdf139INGYSlight defect top right corner
211WFCO5027502760Narrow BandOIII 5027/6076 txt png ps pdf13910.6INGY 
212WFCS6725672580Narrow BandSII 6725/8085 txt png ps pdf13910.6INGYSurface scratches but optically ok, two small fingerprints on edge of filter
214WFCSloanR62401347Sloan Gunnr90 txt png ps pdf139INGYSome minor fingerprints/smudges
215WFCSloanI77431519Sloan GunnI94 txt png ps pdf139INGYSmall bubble/mark in centre 20140526: Some specks and one of the rubber supports is coming out
220WFCSloanG48461285Sloan Gunng90 txt png ps pdf1395.6INGYStrange liquid-like marking around edge, as if substrate is wearing off. Also a small fingerprint near the centre. 20131207: the liquid-like marking has extended Fringe-like pattern covering about half of one of the sides of the filter
222WFCClear60004000ClearClear139INGYEmpty filter holder
224WFCStrHbW4861170StromgrenHbeta 4861/170139INGYSlight smudge near edge. Also the Filter rattles a lot in the holder. It seems secure, but may be moving by upto ~0.5mm which could possibly produce less than optimal focus and positioning when of different parts of the sky?
225WFCStrHbN486130StromgrenHbeta 4861/30139INGY 
226WFCED3386886100Narrow Band88 txt png ps pdf1394.3INGYRectangular smudge off centre - seems to be permanent damage, could not be cleaned
227WFCED337665779Narrow Band1394.3INGY 
228WFCED336680092Narrow Band95 txt png ps pdf1394.3INGYDust specks observed
229WFCHeI587040Narrow Band1394.3INGY 
223WFCWash5150851050Washington51139PrivateNEXTERNAL USER FILTER. NOT AVAILABLE!
236NOVA782HA7839110Narrow BandH88 txt png ps pdf1398PrivateY 
237NOVA804HA8038.5110Narrow BandH84 txt png ps pdf1398PrivateY 
238NOVA392391852Narrow Band55 txt png ps pdf1348PrivateYOne chip near edge, 2mm inward. Rough looking edges may in fact be glue for mounting ring. Some pointlike defects may be new, from handling. Reflective mount ring is not masked - please look out for possible effects. Another smaller chip on the same side of the filter (20140324)

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