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The filter wheel of PFIP is compatible with the following filters. However please check the PFIP web pages to ensure that any necessary adaptors are currently available.

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Name λcentral (Å) FWHM (Å) System Band Throughput Size (mm) Thickness (mm) Owner Available Cosmetics
1RGOU253533639RGOU60 txt png ps pdf257INGY 
3RGOU13533781RGOU73 txt png ps pdf50x506INGNSome crystallisation and possible internal cracking. Filter should be throughput (and PSF) scanned before further use. 20100114 - Filter made "Unavailable" until assessed.
7RGOU53711426RGOU35 txt png ps pdf1254.1INGYTiny pit ~2mm diameter on one side
8RGOB143131050RGOB53 txt png ps pdf50x507.3INGYbit of air between the glass layers
11RGOV15326959RGOV67 txt png ps pdf50x507.2INGY 
12RGOV25438915RGOV68 txt png ps pdf50x507.2INGYone corner off
14RGOR163911455RGOR81 txt png ps pdf50x507.2INGY 
15RGOR264301500RGOR82 txt png ps pdf50x507.2INGY 
17RGOI18113RGOI95 txt png ps pdf50x506.9INGY 
20RGOZ18663RGOZInvalid txt png ps pdf50x507.1INGY 
21RGOZ28748RGOZ93 txt png ps pdf50x507INGY 
22RGOZ38734RGOZ99 txt png ps pdf50x507.2INGYbroken corner
23RGOZ48734RGOZ95 txt png ps pdf1254INGY2 <5 mm diam. circular marks near centre where coating may have degraded
24GUNNZ8750GunnZ92 txt png ps pdf50x504.1INGYChipped in corner
25HARB142961030HarrisB68 txt png ps pdf50x503.9INGY 
26HARB243001100HarrisB69 txt png ps pdf50x503.9INGY 
27HARB343041072HarrisB68 txt png ps pdf50x503.9INGY 
28HARB443041040HarrisB69 txt png ps pdf50x504INGYdamaged by oil drops
29HARB542921062HarrisB66 txt png ps pdf1254INGYSeverely damaged, variation in throughput and possibly band profile. Large crack extending 1.5 cm radially from edge, on opposite side from large edge chip, causing the glass components to separate.
30HARV15461998HarrisV90 txt png ps pdf50x503.8INGYStaining in the form of sequences of droplets, probably caused by previous cleaning, cover both surfaces extensively.
31HARV25452993HarrisV86 txt png ps pdf50x503.9INGYdamaged by oil
32HARV35438984HarrisV86 txt png ps pdf50x503.9INGYchipped in one corner
33HARV45438985HarrisV87 txt png ps pdf50x504INGYlots of (internal?) speckles
34HARV55437957HarrisV87 txt png ps pdf1253.8INGYmany spots < 0.5 mm diameter
35HARV653971030HarrisV87 txt png ps pdf1254.1INGY 
36HARR164101460HarrisR84 txt png ps pdf50x503.9INGN 
37HARR263731491HarrisR84 txt png ps pdf50x504INGYOne surface entirely covered with shallow scratches.
38HARR363701500HarrisR83 txt png ps pdf50x504INGYchipped in one corner, badly scratched
39HARR463901540HarrisR84 txt png ps pdf50x503.9INGYdamaged by oil drops
40HARR564081562HarrisR80 txt png ps pdf1254INGYCentral 50mm dia. area appears severely scratched.
41HARI18120HarrisI95 txt png ps pdf50x504INGY 
42HARI28119HarrisI93 txt png ps pdf50x504INGY 
43HARI38060HarrisI92 txt png ps pdf50x504INGY 
44HARI48095HarrisI91 txt png ps pdf50x504INGY 
45HARI58096HarrisI93 txt png ps pdf1254INGYGenerally scratched all over but does not affect colour Large chip on edge (~11mm long, ~1mm deep max) should be carefully mounted to avoid light leak.
46KPB144251155Kitt PeakB81 txt png ps pdf50x503INGY 
47KPB243701100Kitt PeakB82 txt png ps pdf50x503INGY 
48KPB343851065Kitt PeakB80 txt png ps pdf50x502.9INGYseveral features
49KPV154501136Kitt PeakV78 txt png ps pdf50x505.7INGY 
50KPV25450923Kitt PeakV80 txt png ps pdf50x502.9INGYlarge chip on one side
51KPV354501136Kitt PeakV79 txt png ps pdf50x505.7INGY 
52KPR1Kitt PeakR100 txt png ps pdf50x503INGN 
53KPR264791278Kitt PeakR92 txt png ps pdf50.5x50.83INGYChipped edges. In ACAM, requires 51mm square holder + small O-ring (to prevent movement and mask chipped, unpainted edges) + spacer ring.
54KPR364441207Kitt PeakR89 txt png ps pdf50x503INGY 
55KPI18112Kitt PeakI85 txt png ps pdf50x503.1INGYchipped
56KPI28112Kitt PeakI85 txt png ps pdf50x503.1INGY 
57KPI38130Kitt PeakI84 txt png ps pdf50x503.1INGY 
58H6559655957Narrow BandHalpha 6559/5755 txt png ps pdf50x506.5INGYShallow dents in the edges. Bad transmitted wavefront errors, likely to degrade the PSF by > 1" in ACAM.
60H6561656138Narrow BandHalpha 6561/3834 txt png ps pdf50x506.6INGYlots of internal speckles
61H6570657055Narrow BandHalpha 6570/5548 txt png ps pdf51x516.7INGYA wide margin around all 4 edges of filter shows degraded transmission but no spectral leak has been detected. The wavelength values painted on the filter edge ("5565/60") do NOT correspond with measured values or filter name. The filter ID 61 is barely legible.
62H6553655363Narrow BandHalpha 6553/6365 txt png ps pdf51x518.7INGYGhost?
63H6594659444Narrow BandHalpha 6594/4453 txt png ps pdf50x506.5INGY 
64H6607660750Narrow BandHalpha 6607/5049 txt png ps pdf50x506.3INGY 
65H6626662644Narrow BandHalpha 6626/4452 txt png ps pdf50x506.5INGY 
66H6645664550Narrow BandHalpha 6645/5054 txt png ps pdf50.8x51.58.1INGYTiny spots visible all over the narrowband coating side, these cannot be cleaned off with Propanol. They appear to be just under the coating. In addition there appears to be some scratch/scuff marks on the silvered side
67H6656665644Narrow BandHalpha 6656/4450 txt png ps pdf50x506.7INGY 
68H6686668644Narrow BandHalpha 6686/4450 txt png ps pdf50x506.5INGYslightly scratched
69H6695669553Narrow BandHalpha 6695/5358 txt png ps pdf51x508INGYBad transmitted wavefront errors, likely to degrade the PSF by > 1" in ACAM.
71H6712671242Narrow BandHalpha 6712/4248 txt png ps pdf50x506.5INGY 
72H6736673648Narrow BandHalpha 6736/4851 txt png ps pdf50x508.1INGYBad transmitted wavefront errors, likely to degrade the PSF by > 1" in ACAM.
73H6785678558Narrow BandHalpha 6785/5859 txt png ps pdf51x518.1INGYFilter being investigated as poor image quality observed with ACAM.
74H6834683451Narrow BandHalpha 6834/5152 txt png ps pdf50x506.5INGY 
75H6876687656Narrow BandHalpha 6876/5658 txt png ps pdf50x506.6INGY 
76H6923692354Narrow BandHalpha 6923/5460 txt png ps pdf50x506.5INGYfinger print
77H6962696251Narrow BandHalpha 6962/5157 txt png ps pdf50x506.5INGYBad transmitted wavefront errors, likely to degrade the PSF by > 1" in ACAM.
78O3731373152Narrow Band[OII] 3731/5235 txt png ps pdf50x508.8INGY 
79S4067406730Narrow Band[SII] 4067/3028 txt png ps pdf50x508.9INGNDamaged - not available.
80He4685468578Narrow BandHeII 4685/7865 txt png ps pdf50x508.7INGY 
81H4861486154Narrow BandHbeta 4861/5460 txt png ps pdf50x508.7INGY 
82O5009500951Narrow Band[OIII] 5009/5164 txt png ps pdf50x508.9INGYChipped on one side, with the chip entering up to ~10% into the chip, and stretching along ~20% of the side.
83He5877587749Narrow BandHeI 5877/4965 txt png ps pdf50x508.7INGY 
84O6298629854Narrow Band[OI] 6298/5473 txt png ps pdf50x508.7INGY 
85N6584658421Narrow Band[NII] 6584/2145 txt png ps pdf50x508.9INGY 
86S6727672748Narrow Band[SII] 6727/4877 txt png ps pdf50x508.9INGY 
87O7331733150Narrow Band[OII] 7331/5068 txt png ps pdf50x508.9INGY 
88S9077907754Narrow Band[SIII] 9077/5450x508.7INGY 
89S9540954052Narrow Band[SIII] 9540/5250x508.7INGY 
90He1083910839114Narrow BandHeI 10839/11450x508.7INGY 
91T3727372730Narrow BandTAURUS 3727/3019 txt png ps pdf7610.1INGY 
92T3737373750Narrow BandTAURUS 3737/5029 txt png ps pdf508.4INGY 
93T3770377050Narrow BandTAURUS 3770/5027 txt png ps pdf509.1INGY 
94T3742374230Narrow BandTAURUS 3742/3023 txt png ps pdf7610.1INGY 
95T3757375730Narrow BandTAURUS 3757/3024 txt png ps pdf769.8INGY 
96T3772377230Narrow BandTAURUS 3772/3023 txt png ps pdf7610.2INGY 
97T45504550100Narrow BandTAURUS 4550/10055 txt png ps pdf764.1INGY 
98T45704570320Narrow BandTAURUS 4570/32068 txt png ps pdf636.9INGY 
99T47704770320Narrow BandTAURUS 4770/32066 txt png ps pdf636.9INGY 
100T4868486815Narrow BandTAURUS 4868/1532 txt png ps pdf637INGY 
101T48804880100Narrow BandTAURUS 4880/10068 txt png ps pdf7610.5INGYno coating in edges (needs baffling)
102T4883488315Narrow BandTAURUS 4883/1532 txt png ps pdf637.2INGY 
103T4898489815Narrow BandTAURUS 4898/1532 txt png ps pdf637.2INGY 
104T4912491215Narrow BandTAURUS 4912/1523 txt png ps pdf637INGY 
105T4962496215Narrow BandTAURUS 4962/1534 txt png ps pdf766.5INGY 
106T4974497415Narrow BandTAURUS 4974/1537 txt png ps pdf767INGYno coating in edges (needs baffling)
107T50005000350Narrow BandTAURUS 5000/35071 txt png ps pdf637INGY 
108T5009500915Narrow BandTAURUS 5009/1543 txt png ps pdf7613.2INGY 
109T50105010100Narrow BandTAURUS 5010/10068 txt png ps pdf7610INGN 
110T5012501220Narrow BandTAURUS 5012/2053 txt png ps pdf509.9INGY 
111T5021502115Narrow BandTAURUS 5021/1543 txt png ps pdf7613.2INGY 
112T5032503220Narrow BandTAURUS 5032/2046 txt png ps pdf5010INGY 
113T5033503315Narrow BandTAURUS 5033/1542 txt png ps pdf7613.2INGY 
114T5045504515Narrow BandTAURUS 5045/1543 txt png ps pdf7613.2INGY 
115T5052505220Narrow BandTAURUS 5052/2052 txt png ps pdf509.9INGY 
116T5065506515Narrow BandTAURUS 5065/1528 txt png ps pdf766.8INGY 
117T5072507220Narrow BandTAURUS 5072/2051 txt png ps pdf509.7INGY3 large chips on the outer edges, despite ring mounting
118T5092509220Narrow BandTAURUS 5092/2054 txt png ps pdf509.7INGY 
119T5111511115Narrow BandTAURUS 5111/1535 txt png ps pdf769.9INGY 
120T5129512915Narrow BandTAURUS 5129/1536 txt png ps pdf769.8INGY 
121T5145514515Narrow BandTAURUS 5145/1535 txt png ps pdf766.9INGYcoating looks degraded, especially around edges, colour variation.
122T5162516215Narrow BandTAURUS 5162/1533 txt png ps pdf769.8INGY 
123T5175517515Narrow BandTAURUS 5175/1535 txt png ps pdf766.8INGYExtensive scratches on both sides.
124T5196519615Narrow BandTAURUS 5196/1540 txt png ps pdf769.7INGY 
125T5214521415Narrow BandTAURUS 5214/1539 txt png ps pdf769.6INGY 
126T52205220380Narrow BandTAURUS 5220/38069 txt png ps pdf637INGN 
127T5232523215Narrow BandTAURUS 5232/1539 txt png ps pdf7610.1INGY 
128T5250525015Narrow BandTAURUS 5250/1537 txt png ps pdf769.9INGY 
129T5268526815Narrow BandTAURUS 5268/1539 txt png ps pdf769.9INGNDamaged - not available.
130T5340534015Narrow BandTAURUS 5340/1521 txt png ps pdf766.8INGY 
133T57005700450Narrow BandTAURUS 5700/45066 txt png ps pdf636.9INGY 
134T5905590510Narrow BandTAURUS 5905/1021 txt png ps pdf767.1INGY 
135T59605960470Narrow BandTAURUS 5960/47069 txt png ps pdf636.9INGY 
136T62406240540Narrow BandTAURUS 6240/54059 txt png ps pdf63.56.9INGY 
137T6303630315Narrow BandTAURUS 6303/1537 txt png ps pdf639.8INGY 
139T6565656515Narrow BandTAURUS 6565/1549 txt png ps pdf7613.2INGY 
140T6568656817Narrow BandTAURUS 6568/1725 txt png ps pdf505.9INGY 
141T6577657723Narrow BandTAURUS 6577/1548 txt png ps pdf7613.9INGY 
142T6589658924Narrow BandTAURUS 6589/1552 txt png ps pdf7614.1INGY 
143T6589-2658916Narrow BandTAURUS 6589/1632 txt png ps pdf505.8INGY 
144T65906590130Narrow BandTAURUS 6590/13057 txt png ps pdf7610.3INGY 
146T6610661017Narrow BandTAURUS 6610/1731 txt png ps pdf505.9INGY 
147T6613661324Narrow BandTAURUS 6613/1550 txt png ps pdf7613.2INGY 
148T6631663117Narrow BandTAURUS 6631/1771 txt png ps pdf506.9INGY 
149T6637663715Narrow BandTAURUS 6637/1533 txt png ps pdf7610.3INGY 
150T6652665217Narrow BandTAURUS 6652/1779 txt png ps pdf506.8INGY 
151T6673667315Narrow BandTAURUS 6673/1534 txt png ps pdf7610.5INGY 
152T6673-2667317Narrow BandTAURUS 6673/1751 txt png ps pdf506.8INGY 
153T6685668515Narrow BandTAURUS 6685/1530 txt png ps pdf7610INGY 
154T6689668915Narrow BandTAURUS 6689/1535 txt png ps pdf636.9INGY 
156T6697669715Narrow BandTAURUS 6697/1529 txt png ps pdf769.9INGY 
157T6709670915Narrow BandTAURUS 6709/1532 txt png ps pdf7610.2INGY 
158T6721672115Narrow BandTAURUS 6721/1531 txt png ps pdf769.9INGY 
159T6730673050Narrow BandTAURUS 6730/5051 txt png ps pdf506.9INGN 
160T6733673315Narrow BandTAURUS 6733/1535 txt png ps pdf7610.3INGY 
161T6745674515Narrow BandTAURUS 6745/1535 txt png ps pdf769.9INGY 
162T6757675715Narrow BandTAURUS 6757/1534 txt png ps pdf7610.2INGY 
163T6769676915Narrow BandTAURUS 6769/1538 txt png ps pdf769.9INGY 
164T6770677050Narrow BandTAURUS 6770/5050 txt png ps pdf506.8INGY 
165T6781678115Narrow BandTAURUS 6781/1533 txt png ps pdf769.9INGY 
166T6793679315Narrow BandTAURUS 6793/1533 txt png ps pdf769.9INGY 
168T6805680515Narrow BandTAURUS 6805/1539 txt png ps pdf7610.1INGY 
169T6817681715Narrow BandTAURUS 6817/1537 txt png ps pdf769.9INGY 
170T6829682915Narrow BandTAURUS 6829/1534 txt png ps pdf7610INGY 
171T6841684115Narrow BandTAURUS 6841/1534 txt png ps pdf769.9INGY 
172T6853685315Narrow BandTAURUS 6853/1537 txt png ps pdf769.9INGY 
173T6865686515Narrow BandTAURUS 6865/1532 txt png ps pdf7610INGY 
174T6877687715Narrow BandTAURUS 6877/1533 txt png ps pdf769.9INGY 
175T6889688915Narrow BandTAURUS 6889/1536 txt png ps pdf7610.2INGY 
176O6310631055Narrow Band[OI] 6310/5564 txt png ps pdf50x50INGY 
178STROMU3518285Stromgrenu40 txt png ps pdf50x508.8INGYfew opaque internal spots.
179STROMV4119178StromgrenB61 txt png ps pdf50x503.8INGY 
180STROMB4710210Stromgrenv88 txt png ps pdf50x502.8INGY 
181STROMY5498225Stromgreny78 txt png ps pdf50x504INGY 
182STROMHbW4895175StromgrenHbeta 4861/17089 txt png ps pdf50x503.1INGY 
183STROMHbN487930StromgrenHbeta 4861/3067 txt png ps pdf50x502.9INGY 
184T5006500636Narrow BandTAURUS 5006/3639 txt png ps pdf1208.7INGY 
185T6568W656835Narrow BandTAURUS 6568/3537 txt png ps pdf1208.9INGYGood cosmetically except for a few minor chips towards the edges.
186T428542851064Taurus BroadbandTAURUS 4285/106467 txt png ps pdf1253.9INGYBurnished (scratched) in central region. Slight marks at edge and very narrow ring around edge.
187T637363731491Taurus BroadbandTAURUS 6373/149184 txt png ps pdf1254INGYSmall but deep scratch near edge (which goes through the coating). 2 small spots and some marks towards the edge.
188T809580951668Narrow BandTAURUS 8095/166895 txt png ps pdf1254INGY 
189T4686468615Narrow BandTAURUS 4686/1547 txt png ps pdf764.8INGYThis filter have some scratches (mainly in the silver side), but some also in the bluer side.
190RGOU63515746RGOU74 txt png ps pdf50x506.3INGNSeveral cracks through the entire filter (broken). Withdrawn from use.
205HARB642951050HarrisB66 txt png ps pdf1254INGYThe scratching is on one side only, the other side is pristine except for pitting ~2mm diam. Several chips along the edge.
213RGOU93622579RGOU69 txt png ps pdf12510INGYbubble too large
215WFCSloanI77431519Sloan GunnI94 txt png ps pdf139INGYSmall bubble/mark in centre 20140526: Some specks and one of the rubber supports is coming out
216SloGunR62281322Sloan Gunnr88 txt png ps pdf504.9INGYnon-uniform "cloudy" appearance in coating on one side Small point-like defects or stains on other side
217SloGunI77961734Sloan Gunni99 txt png ps pdf503INGYdirty marks near edge on green (?) side - could not be removed by any solvent
218SloGunG148441280Sloan Gunng89 txt png ps pdf505.7INGY 
219SloGunG248521243Sloan Gunng90 txt png ps pdf505.8INGYOne large indelible fingerprint off centre.
220WFCSloanG48461285Sloan Gunng90 txt png ps pdf1395.6INGYStrange liquid-like marking around edge, as if substrate is wearing off. Also a small fingerprint near the centre. 20131207: the liquid-like marking has extended Fringe-like pattern covering about half of one of the sides of the filter
221STROMU23522289StromgrenU40 txt png ps pdf50x508.8INGY 
230BESU3641593BessellU58 txt png ps pdf50x505INGYFinger print in both sides.
231BESB4353999BessellB62 txt png ps pdf49.9x49.95INGYCorners suggest rubber from O-ring has adhered to AR coating. Almost completely removed by cleaning. One corner has tiny scratches and pits. Opposite side has residual finger prints that could not be removed even by acetone.
233BESR1360BessellR50x505INGYMany small spots or bubbles on filter, may be internal - needs checking or cleaning.
234BESI90003220BessellI87 txt png ps pdf50x505INGY 
704SlnZ89311800Sloan GunnZ98 txt png ps pdf59.94.9INGYSmall mark, about 3mm, possibly fingerprint, on shiny side.
7432H6598_ANDV659817.6Narrow Band10610PrivateN 
7433H6611_ANDV661116Narrow Band10610PrivateN 
7434H6621_ANDV662117Narrow Band10610PrivateN 
7435H6633_ANDV663315.1Narrow Band10610PrivateN 
8346H6577_ANDV657715.5Narrow Band10610PrivateN 
8347H6653_ANDV665316.8Narrow Band10610PrivateN 
8348H6662_ANDV666216.3Narrow Band10610PrivateN 

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