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AO PSF star finder

Target coordinates Enter coordinates, one object on each line
Format: "[Name] RA +/-Dec [Epoch]".
Please remember: 1) The target name cannot contain whitespace. 2) Dec must be prefixed by a sign. 3) Epoch can only be J2000 or B1950.

or specify a file containing the target list

Default Epoch J2000 B1950
Coordinate system

Sky search radius degrees
V magnitude limit PSF star:
Text output Help...

This search tool will help the observer locate a star in the vicinity of the target that matches its brightness. The program uses the USNO2.0 catalogue. The magnitude referred to as V magnitudes is the actually the average of the USNO2.0 R and B magnitudes.

© 2006 Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes
Developed by Roy Østensen

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Last modified: 09 January 2011